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"Get Your Grassroots, Ladies": Pioneering a Path to Upgrade Household Employment in Boston, MA, 1960s-1970s


Author: Mia Michael, Wayne State University
Comment: Erik Loomis, University of Rhode Island

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This paper uncovers a multi-generational history of domestic workers’ fight for dignity and economic justice. 的 problem household employees tackled in Greater Boston centered on their degraded cultural, 法律, and economic standing throughout American history. Adopting a powerful and unexpected organizing style that was community的, multi-issue oriented, and propelled by working-class women of color, local household employees and their allies blazed a trail towards systemic reform that clinched legislative victories, including the nation’s broadest state-level minimum wage protections for domestic workers since 1932. Ultimately, their historical efforts continue to inform low-wage workers’ struggles against social injustice and economic inequality in contemporary times.

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